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• Four Season Vacation...

An attraction center where you can go for a vacation for four seasons and go back home mentally and physically refreshed says hello to the tourism sector.

Taraklı Termal, the apple of tourism?s eye in Sakarya, has reached the final stage. As an organization of ASKARYA Yatırım A.Ş., Taraklı Termal Turizm was founded as a result of a two-year feasibility study in 2010. Consisting of 1,200 apartments, 300 hotel rooms and social facilities, the project has an approximate value of $150 million. Named after Taraklı District established on the historical Silk Road, ?Taraklı Termal? offers the miracle of nature to serve the humanity. Taraklı Termal Turizm takes firm steps forward to become Turkey's apple of eye and the shining star thanks to its unique design, exceptional service and healing waters. Our project is located in a region completely intertwined with pine trees and nature, only 800 meters away from the historical Taraklı District.

• Keeping the History Alive: Taraklı?

Dating back to Roman times, Taraklı has witnessed the Phrygian, Bithynia, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Far from trapping the history in the buildings, Taraklı is a location where the old customs and traditions can be encountered often in the daily life and is one of the 180 members in Cittaslow (The World Organization of Quiet Cities). Selected as the National Destination of Turkey in 2014 under the EDEN project by the European Commission, Taraklı has an international recognition. Having hosted countless movies, commercials and documentaries, Taraklı is the second address of peace with its historic mansions, ponds, highlands and its quiet life...

• Service at Hotel Comfort...

The guests at the hotel and the time share properties to serve under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism will receive service at international standards while experiencing an unforgettable holiday with the Turkish hospitality.

Taraklı Termal facilities offer comfort, convenience and peaceful places to its esteemed guests. The architecture used in the project is the local historical architecture and the buildings consist of four floors above the ground floor. Considering different family sizes, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and duplex apartments are offered to vacationers.

Laying out its differences with the infrastructure investments, the project enables the guests to access the social facilities from all blocks via the walk-through galleries without being exposed to the external environment.

Our social facilities with a closed area of 24,000 m2 will meet the needs of our visitors. Moreover, you will spend your vacation in peace and health with the units such as shopping malls, separate indoor thermal pools for men and women, fun pools, hydrotherapy pools, kids pool, private family bathrooms, hairdresser services, skin care units, Turkish baths, scrub rooms, saunas, steam rooms, mud rooms, shock showers, our tiny club, playgrounds, mini movie theater, mosque, games room for adults, gym, changing rooms, doctor and nurse unit, vitamin café and restaurant.

Taraklı Termal SPA Center offers the combined experience of health, vacation and beauty with forty different therapy practices.

While there is a struggle today to relieve the needs for vacation and business altogether, our Convention Center opens its doors to business groups with fourteen different halls in different sizes.

• The Power of Thermal Water...

The minerals which are extremely important in terms of human health such as Bicarbonate, Calcium Sulfate, Sodium, Magnesium, Nitrate, Potassium, Manganese and Iron are available in large quantities in the thermal water and are useful in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and skin diseases. The water is drawn out at 48.5 degree with a capacity of 130 liters per second from 200 meters deep at Taraklı Termal Resort. There is the service of providing thermal curing in each apartment?s bathroom at home comfort outside the hot spring pools in Taraklı Termal Resort.

• An Unforgettable Vacation Chance?

The guests will enjoy liveliness and a vacation intertwined with nature with the walking paths, sports fields, recreation areas, survivor areas, greenhouses and horse farms in the forested area right beside the project which will benefit from the richness of the environmental factors at the highest level.

Taraklı Termal is just a ten minute walk to the territories conquered by the Ottoman Empire for the first time. The heritage of Taraklı and the region is looking forward to its guests to be discovered.

• Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center...

Planned to be constructed at the second stage, the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center not only provides the patients with a peaceful treatment intertwined with nature, but also offers the advantage of a five star vacation to the relatives of the patients.

Our PTR Center will serve as an internationally accredited organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

• At Peace with Nature?.

Disposing solid waste by biological methods, obtaining its power from its own resources and avoiding the use of any petroleum-derived products in any living space, the project is a candidate to receive Green Star in many areas.

• Nutrition?

Taraklı and its region have the agricultural areas where the most important organic food products are obtained in our country. Taraklı Termal Kitchen will convert the organic products to flavor and present them to the taste of its guests at buffet and a la carte restaurants reminding them of the forgotten natural flavors.

• Construction Quality...

In the project which is using all the technological opportunities possible in our age, the high quality materials and workmanship practices are modeled and studied by the relevant departments of the universities in our country.

• Halal Vacation?

The project is completely structured at halal tourism standards with the separate male-female activity areas, top quality soundproofing at the apartments and the foods to be offered.

• All Roads End Up in Taraklı Termal?

Taraklı Termal is on the historical Silk Road and is 30 minutes away from Ankara - Istanbul high-speed train stops, 100 km away from Cengiz Topel Airport (Kocaeli) and 160 km from Sabiha Gokcen Airport (Istanbul).

• Special for Investors?

The project offers advantageous packages also to investors besides vacationers. The investors can get the return of their investments within a period of nine years with rental guaranteed investor packages and can become the partner of a profitable investment.

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